Curriculum Vitae

Biographical data

Name:     	Thomas Langås
Birth date:     25. oktober 1979
Marital status: Married
Nationality:    Norwegian
Drivers lic:    Yes (for regular car)

Contact info:
	Cell phone:     +47  95 73 15 46

		Address:  Satelittvegen 2
		Zip code: N-7560
		City:     Vikhammer
		Country:  Norway

Key qualifications

Experienced developer, worked with various programming languages. 
Several years of experience in electronics design. Substantial 
knowledge about system administration, monitoring and security. 
Analytical and systematic. Both self-driven and a great teamplayer. 
Absorbs new knowledge easily. Always looking for new challenges. 
Stand up for myself, and my own opinions. Honest. Hardworking. 
Copes well with pressure.


 * Reading: Excellent
 * Writing: Excellent
 * Verbal:  Excellent

 * Reading: Excellent
 * Writing: Good
 * Verbal:  Good


Feb, 2004   ITIL Foundation
Oct, 1998   Microsoft Exam 70-058: Networking Essentials


Jan, 2018   Andrew Ng           Coursera, Course 3 (out of 5)
Jan, 2018   Andrew Ng           Coursera, Course 2 (out of 5)
Dec, 2017   Andrew Ng           Coursera, Course 1 (out of 5)
Aug, 2009   Udi Dahan		Advanced Distributed System Design with 
				Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & 
				Domain Driven Design (DDD)
Apr, 2009   Global Knowledge    Windows 2008: Designing and Managing a 
				Public Key Infrastrukture
Aug, 2004   Pink Rocade		ITIL Manager - 
				Part 2: Service Delivery
Jun, 2004   Harper Training	Certified Ethical Hacking
				(held by John Nunes)
Jun, 2004   IT-Visjon		Introduction to Windows 2003
				and Active Directory
Apr, 2004   Anvendte Systemer	Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals I & II
Aug, 2003   HP			ITIL Foundation


Aug 1999 -          : Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
                      Avdeling for Teknologi, Institutt for Elektroteknikk
                      Høg. Ing. Elektro; Electronics
                      * Thesis; VPN-accelerator -
                        PCI-card with onboard FPGA for cryptography,
			report available upon request.
Aug 1998 - Aug 1999:  Civilservice.  Served at RVGS.  Sysadmin for two
		      Novell Netware servers, and 75 client-machines with
		      Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0 WS.
Aug 1995 - June 1998: Rissa Videregående Skole (RVGS), Norway
                      Norwegian High School, majoring in:
                      * Physics (2FY)
                      * Mathematics (2MX, 3MX)
                      * Information Technology
                      * English (3EN)

Work experience

May, 2013 - Present          Telenor Digital AS (former Comoyo AS)
				Trondheim, Norway

			Tech Lead, Hardware Design
			(started as: Senior Software Engineer)

		Technical Environment:
			OS: OSX and Linux
			Languages: Java and Python
			EDA: Altium Designer

		Main tasks:
			* Part of Exploratory Engineering
				- Develop infrastructure for IoT-devices
				- Develop IoT-devices based on LoRaWAN (HW-design)
			* Develop backend of streaming platform
			* Develop Telenor Connect (ID solution) backend
			* Improve infrastructure

May, 2011 - April 2013       FXI Technologies AS
				Trondheim, Norway

			VP Engineering

		Main tasks:
			* Build up an engineering team
			* Development on ARM-based platforms
			* Invented the Cotton Candy

Feb, 2009 - April 2011       Norsk Helsenett SF
				Trondheim, Norway
			Technical Advisor

		Technical Environment:
			OS: Windows and Linux
			Toolchain: Visual Studio C# .NET, MOSS 2007 (Sharepoint),
				O/R-Mapper, MSSQL, MySQL

		Main Tasks:
			* Design new solutions / services (architect)
			* Develop new solutions / services (development)
			* Projectleader

May, 2008 - Feb, 2008         Norbit AS
				Trondheim, Norway
			Project Engineer

		Technical environment:
			OS: Windows and Linux (ubuntu)
			Toolchain: GCC, Altera Quartus
			HW: Analog Devices Blackfin DSP, Altera Stratix FPGA

		Main tasks:
			* Creating subsea-software for a Wideband Multibeam sonar (WBMS)
			* Creating topside-library / SDK for topside-software
			* Testing motherboard of WBMS after PCB-production

Jun, 2005 - May, 2008         ARM Norway AS (former Falanx AS)
				Trondheim, Norway
			Senior Hardware Engineer 
			(was Senior Software Engineer until November 2006)

		Technical environment (software dev):
			OS: Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows
			Toolchain: GCC, MS Visual Studio and Realview
			HW: ARM

		Technical environment (hardware dev):
			OS: Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows
			Toolchain: GCC, Altera Quartus, Xilinx ISE, Synopsis VCS
			HW: ARM, Xilinx and Altera

		Main tasks:
			* Projectleader for "Real Time System Modelling"-project
			* Working HW-group, verifying hardware
			* Part of videogroup, developing videodrivers
			* Developing HAL (hardware abstraction layer)
			* Leading HW Design Modelling-project

Feb, 2000 - Jun, 2005		NTNU
				IT-department, Systemdrift
				Trondheim, Norway
			Systemadministrator, -architect and -developer.

		Technical environment:
			OS:	     Linux (Debian and RedHat) and Solaris
			Database:    MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
			Programming: Python, PHP, C/C++ and Perl
		Main tasks:
			System administrator for servers and services used 
			by 25000 users.
			* (2004-) Part of the development-team working with 
			* (2004) Responsible for the "Request for 
				 Tender; ITSM-Tool"
			* (2004) Part of the team that designed the 
				 Configuration-process (ITIL)
			* (2002-) Operations and maintenance, and to some 
				 extent additional development of the
				 central userdatabase (BDB).
			* (2001) Design, implemenatation and installation
				 of an email-gateway solution for NTNU
				 which scannes all mail for viruses. Later
				 extended to also include spamchecking.
			* (2000-2001) Design, implementation and 
				 installation of linux-based fileservers
				 with a SAN-solution based on Fibre 
				 Channel as backend.
			* (2000) Design, implementation and installation
				 of a solution to scan and (if possible)
				 clean homedirectories (about 20000) for 

Sep, 2001 - Jul, 2004		Zet AS
				Trondheim, Norway

		Technical environment:
			Borland Delphi / Borland C++ Builder

		Main Tasks:
			Development of a graphics-program for Microsoft
			Windows. It's a program for managing your pictures, 
			and a client for uploading them to a shop that 
			prints them on photo-paper. It contains simple 
			filters and tools to edit the pictures. This 
			program was written in Borland Delphi. I also
			made a backupclient for Microsoft Windows, this 
			was written in Borland C++ Builder.

Sep, 2001 - Dec, 2001		Initio IT-Løsninger AS
                                Trondheim, Norway
			Operations and maintenance
			Sales; Selling various Linux-solutions

		Technical environment:
			Linux (Debian), C, GTK, MySQL

		Main tasks:
			Started working with a timetracking-system 
			written in C using GTK for GUI. It had a mySQL-
			backend for storing data. Furthermore I worked with 
			implementing and daily operations and maintenance of 
			"High availability"-solutions for Linux, and I 
			worked with answering a few tenders.

Aug, 2001 - Aug, 2001		Wave Technologies AS
                                Trondheim, Norway
			Implementation, installation and training

		Technical environment:

		Main tasks:
			Implementation and installation of a SAN-solution
			based on Fibre channel, at Scandinavia Online (SOL) 
			at their datacenter in Stockholm. With a short 
			training-session for the people that was going to be 
			in charge of the solution.

Jan, 2001 - Aug, 2001		Intrapoint AS
                                Trondheim, Norway

			Operations and maintenance

		Technical environment:
			Microsoft Windows 2000

		Main tasks:
			Operations and maintenance of Microsoft Windows 2000 
			Server, a fileserver and a webserver. Implementation, 
			installation and maintaining a storagesolution 
			based on Fibre channel.

Jun, 1999 - Aug, 1999		Fosna-Folket AS
                                Ørland, Norway

			Graphical DTP

		Technical environment:
			Mac OS, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress and 
			Adobe Illustrator.
		Main tasks:
			Mainly image processing using Adobe Photoshop,
			typography work with QuarkXpress and making ads
			for the newspaper with Adobe Illustrator.               

Aug, 1995 - Jul, 1996		Arena IT DA
                                Rissa, Norway

		Technical Environment:
			Borland Delphi

		Main tasks:               
			Development of a program for registering inventory. 
			Contracted from a company selling labelsystems to 
			prevent burglary, or to be able to trace impounded 
			goods. It was created for Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 
			3.11, with Borland Delphi 1.0. The backend, for 
			storing data, was using the Borland Database 
			Engine (BDE).

Self-tuitions, voluntary work

Summer 2004			Wrote various XML-parsing-tools to parse
				weather-data from

Summer 2003			"Designing Embedded Hardware" (book)
				"ARM system-on-chip architecture" (book)

May 2003			"PCI & PCI-X Hardware & 
				Software" (book)

July 2002			"Linux Kernel Internals" (book)

Devember 2001			"Understanding the Linux Kernel" (book)
				"The Book of SCSI: I/O for the new 
				millenium" (book)

July 2001			"Linux Device Drivers, 2nd" (book)

January 2001                    Daily operations and maintenance of
                                BIND on RedHat Linux, for various domains.

December 2000 - January 2001    Coded an nick-server, channel-server and 
                                ircop-util for the Undernet IRC Daemon.
                                Coded in C, used MySQL as backend for 
                                storage (can be changed by adding new 
                                "drivers" the the database-layer in the

June 2000                       Daily operations and maintenance of
				an IRC-server on RedHat Linux.
				(Software is based on the Undernet IRCd)

November 2001                   Attended Linux Kongress in the Netherlands,
                                a congress held by and for developers of the

September 1996                  Started using RedHat Linux for the first time,
                                and did my first kernel-compile to get the
                                machine hooked up to the Internet. Configured
                                the firewall available through the ipfwadm-tool
                                and the kernel itself.


Available upon request.